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I am an avid adventurer, conservationist, teacher, and outdoor photographer whose photography celebrates the African landscape and its rich wildlife, people, and culture. My photographic safaris allow my travelers to not only enhance their understanding of photography, lighting, and wildlife, but to develop a life-long admiration for Africa ‘s beauty and culture.

Banana Republic recently used my photographs as the cornerstone of their Urban Safari campaign, and my images were seen in all 750 stores around the globe, as well as in their billboards, catalogs and annual report. I was also the winner of the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year in the ‘Wild Places’ category in 2008 and a highly commended in the ‘Creative Visions of Nature’ category in 2007.

I launched Gura Gear in 2008, in an attempt to deliver lightweight camera bags to the market. I was looking for a lightweight camera bag to hold all of my photographic gear, and there was nothing desirable on the market that suited my needs. After spending 2 years with many prototypes, the Gura Gear Kiboko bag was born. More products are now available on the Gura Gear web site.




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Isle of Skye, Scotland Workshop Announcement

 Isle of Skye, Scotland: A B&W and Color Master Class

March 23-29, 2015



Scotland’s Isle of Skye is a dramatic island off of the west coast of Scotland. Skye has extremes: craggy rocks that merge with the sea and highlands with steep cliffs and spires that rise above the surrounding land and sea. The Isle of Skye combines beaches, rock formations, lochs and waterfalls all in one location. This workshop will concentrate on better b&w photography,  however we will also work in color when those moments are right for it. We will have weather that benefits B&W, as March is a great time of the year for dramatic light and atmosphere. This workshop is primarily a field workshop, however when there is time (depending on weather conditions) we will also go over black and white processing workflow and how it can be applied to your photography.

We organized this workshop for those who really want to dive deeper into their own creativity, who want to explore B&W as a creative avenue and who are looking to go home with a better sense of direction with their photographs going forward. Think of this workshop as a creative retreat, where you can free yourself from collecting photographs of trophy locations and then engage with your creativity. This workshop is as much about answering the ‘why’ questions as much as it is about the ‘how’ questions. Come and join us if you want more from your photography.

For more information, please visit the workshop information page:

Isle of Skye, Scotland B&W and Color Masterclass

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